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About Boardwalk Development

Boardwalk Development, Inc. is a boutique company that specializes in
development, leasing, & management of retail shopping centers.


About Boardwalk

Boardwalk Development, Inc. is a boutique real estate company founded in 1992 by Ron Bamberger and Phil Ladman, both of whom continue to run Boardwalk's day to day operations. Boardwalk specializes in development, leasing, and management of small, high-profile shopping centers, and continues to pursue similar opportunities in Southern California, primarily San Diego County.

As real estate market conditions change, Boardwalk utilizes its extensive market knowledge of San Diego to adapt. In recent years, Boardwalk has successfully invested in single family residences for resale as well as troubled commercial loans. Boardwalk seeks real estate opportunities in which it is confident value can be created due to its market knowledge combined with its skill set.  Small retail development, existing retail opportunities that require repositioning and multifamily/mixed use developments in dense urban areas are of interest to Boardwalk.

We believe:

A successful transaction occurs when all parties involved benefit and remain happy after the passage of time.

Integrity can never be sacrificed.

More communication is better than less.